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At Truebikes we share your love of bikes and pride ourselves in our high standard of work. Should we find that additional work is needed while your bike is with us, we promise to contact you with a costing and for permission to carry out the work. We will not spend your money without your agreement! And you can rest assured that the greatest of care will be taken of your bike while it is in our custody..

Interim Service
Major Service
MOT Testing

An interim service consists of new oil and filter, chain adjustment, all pivot points checked and greased, all bearings and brake pads checked. All fluid levels checked and topped up if needed. And the entire vehicle thoroughly inspected for possible problems. (For 2stroke servicing, substitute the above oil and filter with gearbox oil and spark plugs).





A major service consists of all of the minor service, plus coolant change, brake fluid change, new spark plugs. Valve clearances are checked and, if necessary adjusted, carburettors are balanced, air filter cleaned or replaced - depending on your model. Final drive oil and gearbox oil replaced if your machine has these. Click here to see full list of tasks carried out during a major service.



Our MOT bay is open all year round during our normal working hours.